Men Need Beauty Products Too!

Today, I'm talking to the dudes. Or the ladies who will forward this to dudes. GUYS. It's time to step up your game and take care of your skin. Not only is it important so you look #fresh well into your old age, but it's important for your health. Still not wearing sunscreen daily? Get a grip, bro. Skin cancer is real, and it's bad. I'm not saying you need to be spending an hour a day getting ready, though If that's your style, awesome! I commend you and I bet you look really good. If it's not, no one is asking you to turn yourself into a Ken doll. You can get by with the basics, and I promise you will see a huge improvement in your skin.


I really hope you're washing your face every morning and every night. This does not need to take forever. Just get it over with, you'll feel fresh and clean, and your skin will thank you for it. Here are my favorite cleansers that I think you'll like.

Cetaphil - Gentle, effective, cheap, and you can grab it while you hit up the drugstore.

Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil Wipes - Help prevent breakouts, and are super cheap. If you can't even be bothered to wash your face with water, at least use these. Or use them after you cleanse as a toner. It will take two seconds, I promise.

Jack Black Pure and Clean Daily Facial Cleanser - Just a notch fancier, the sage and aloe scent is masculine without being overpowering, and the packaging is blue, which is helpful since we all know that masculinity is extremely fragile.

Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash For Men - You're gonna see a lot of Kiehl's on this list. Their men's line is really great, though a touch pricier. If you can spring it, do it.


You should be using moisturizer every morning and night. I would recommend using a separate one for each, because that way you can use one with SPF during the day. Also your skin repairs at night so it's great to use a heavy duty moisturizer that can deposit all the good stuff into your skin while you sleep.

CeraVe - Here's your cheap and easy option, slather it on after you wash your face, but keep in mind it doesn't have SPF, so you'll need to apply that afterwards.

Baxter of California's Night Cream AHA - This is a great example of what you should be using at night to repair your skin and wake up refreshed and healthy-looking.

Kiehl's Facial Fuel SPF 15 - Moisturizer and Sunscreen in one! The holy grail! Use it every day before you even think about going outside!

THAT'S IT. THOSE ARE THE BASICS. Do these things, and your skin will thank you a million-fold. Here are a couple little extras if you want to up your game just a little:

Facial Sprays: Theo has become obsessed with spritzing himself with this Lush facial spray. He keeps it in the fridge and just gives himself a spray whenever he needs a little pick me up. It's precious. And since it has tea tree oil, it helps balance oils and keep breakouts in check! Why not just stash one in the fridge for when you want to feel a little special?

Eye Cream: If you don't mind a little extra step, Kiehl's (of course) has a great eye cream for dudes.

Sunscreen: If you can find it in your heart to layer sunscreen on top of your moisturizer, your skin will be forever grateful. This guy is light and doesn't have a heavy scent.

Has everyone jumped on the bandwagon? What are you guys using? Do you hate me now? Please don't, I believe in you!