Some ALMOST Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Your Babes

Well, seeing as I was sick all of last week/weekend, everyone's presents are gonna be late this year. SORRY, IT WASN'T ME IT WAS THE ILLNESS. I thought I had a couple more days, but it looks like today is the cutoff for USPS to deliver gifts by Christmas. This way it'll be a super fun surprise for my whole family. When will it arrive? Who knows who can say, life is a mystery! On top of that it's both my mom and sister's birthday this week, (real convenient, guys) and their gifts are sitting peacefully on my kitchen island. Again, sorryyyyyyyyyyy.

But there's still time, regardless. So if you need a few last minute ideas for kids, you've come to the right place!

As always, BOOKS!!

See here and here and here and here.

A rainbow stacker for a truly little guy.

A truly magical coloring book.

And some fresh colored pencils to go with it.

A geode kit for your budding scientist.

A knitting kit for the crafter in your life.

OR, get them experiences!

Take them to a kid's cooking class.

I would have killed for a horseback riding lesson as a kid.

Take them to see a show, check your local theaters for child-appropriate performances!

More than anything, kids want to feel that you know who they are as a person, no matter how small they are. A gift doesn't have to be extravagant for a child to understand that it's meaningful. I remember so specifically as a kid truly cherishing the gifts that I know where carefully picked out because of what I loved, as opposed to a random assortment of stuff that was thrown together. It's also possible to give children gifts that will last a lifetime. I still have a tiny silver ID bracelet with my name on it that I got as a present when I was five. As well as a small gold ring my grandparents gave me when I was twelve. Kids know how to cherish gifts and treat them with respect, if only you give them a chance to do so!