My Favorite Lullabies

As silly as it may sound, singing to your baby is actually really important. From as early as one day old, babies can distinguish different rhythmic patterns! Researches measured infants brain waves while listening to music and discovered that this is an innate, not learned, ability. So even if you think your voice sounds like a mangled garbage disposal, you better sing your heart out to that little babe of yours! Singing will help you establish a bond with your baby, regulate their moods, and teach them to love music and feel an emotional connection to it. Here are some of my favorite lullabies, that maybe aren't traditional lullabies, but that I find help a little one get right to sleep. I would rather sing one of these than a boring kid's song anyways, and babies love it.

1. Edelweiss

2. Over the Rainbow

3. Blackbird

4. Rainbow Connection

5. Smile

6. Moon River

7. Between the Bars

8. Morning Has Broken

 If you ever want to feel your heart crack open, listen to a two year old sing Morning Has Broken, you guys. What do you sing to your little ones?