Gift Ideas for Your Newly Pregnant Pals

Hello! I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun long weekend. (Well, I know some of you didn't get the extra day off, which is bogus, but I hope it was a good weekend nonetheless!) It was nice and chill over here, which you know is all I ever want. I finally got Theo to watch Gone with the Wind with me, one of my all time faves. My friend (I'm not name-dropping here, I just want you to buy his album!) had his record release party on Monday night, which was also fun, and mercifully, on the early side.

Yesterday, my friend Haley mentioned that lots of her friends are pregnant, and that she often wonders what kind of gift is appropriate and useful to give to expecting moms. It can be especially confusing early on, when there may not be a registry for you to go off of, but you'd like to give a nice gesture of support and love for your friend. I love the idea of making a little gift basket that is meaningful and useful, because you know that as soon as people find out you're pregnant, you are just inundated with junk. (My worst nightmare!) It's also pregnancy and mama specific, don't drown her in butt paste and nipple cream quite yet!

Here's what I would put in my dream gift basket:

Ginger chews to help combat nausea.

Tea for sipping.

A sweet book to help ease anxieties.

Belly balm for massages and reduce stretch marks.

Crackers to munch on.

Pickles for feasting. (Or make your own! I like to use this recipe with kirby cucumbers.)

Facial spray to ease nausea and calm skin.

What would you put in a pregnancy gift bag for your friend?