Concealers, Playgrounds, and Weekend Links for You and Me

Holy shit, hello, hi! Here I am, alive and well, and despite the fact that I've been slaving away on other corners of the Internet, I promise you I'm still here! Fall is now full-on here and I've been delighting in it completely. It's truly worth dealing with the disgusting summers and never-ending winters to experience Autumn in New York. I've been running around like a bat out of hell lately, but I wanted to let you know about some of my latest obsessions.

First things first though, does everyone hate Uber as much as I do? Besides the fact that the company itself seems suuuuuper shady, I have the worst fucking luck with it and I'm so over it! Case in point: Wednesday morning I had a press event to get to and got offered me a free code so I could Uber over for free! I was like oooh, I've made it world, here I come, I am fancy as shit! But of course when it actually came time to use it, Uber didn't recognize my account and kept trying to send me codes to reactivate it, none of which worked, and all of which took insanely long to get to me. This ended with me in the subway about to get on the train when the app started working. So, like a total fool, I darted up to the street to get into my car, only to be stuck in traffic and jump out and run two avenues over and still be late to my event. Oh also, had a bloody nose the whole time. Like, what? Who does this happen to? When will I be glamorous?

Other than that, I've mainly just been watching lots of Black Mirror, which has been surprisingly emotional! The end of San Junipero gutted me, what a freaking beautiful episode! Don't worry, I'm ignoring all the messages about the perils of the Internet and social media and writing a style piece on this season over on HG next week, so stay tuned! But all this crying while watching TV has put my new concealer to the test, and OMG, you guys need to get on this. 

I am a concealer fanatic because I have some serious under-eye circles. Like, we're talking Serge Gainsbourg on a bender type dark circles, and that's after a full night's sleep! They've been there since I was 12, and they're a part of me that I've done my absolute best to embrace and not always feel like I need to cover up. Since I stopped pretty much altogether wearing makeup during the week, it's helped me feel comfortable in my own skin and they don't bother me as much! I'm sure there are some people out there who think I look like shit, but I don't actually give a flying fuck anymore. Not wearing makeup has actually helped me feel less self conscious about them when I do wear makeup, because I'm less obsessed with re-touching my concealer every 5 mins and I can just live my life.


I heard, like, literally years ago that Kevyn Aucoin's concealer was the best in the biz, but was always super put off by the 48$ price tag and I just kept searching. But I decided to treat myself for my birthday earlier this month and splurged on my very own Sensual Skin Enhancer and OMG YOU GUYS THE RUMORS ARE TRUEEEEEEE. This shit is waterproof and budge-proof. I mean this does not leave your face all day long! And it blends so so so nicely there are no awkward lines. There are tons of shades to pick from so you can get an exact match, just make sure you try a sample at Sephora first. Also, this shit is foundation! It's so insanely thick, you can take the tiniest of dabs and mix with either an oil, moisturizer, or lighter skin tint for some really great, even coverage. I can't stress enough how little of this you need to use. I am truly living my best life with this concealer. It's so worth the price tag because it's going to live forever, like the kids in Fame.


In other news, I've been doing lots of playground strolling as it's starting to become apparent that our outdoor days are numbered. And is it just me or is this year's version of helicopter parenting even more intense than before? Like, it's bad enough when parents are standing directly next to their kids and narrating their playtime for them, but lately it seems everywhere I turn there are parents actively interfering with their children's and other kids playtime. Like, I get playing with your kid if no one else is around, or if your kid asks you to play with him, but what I've been seeing lately is more than that. Parents are interrupting kids who are talking and playing and trying to get in on the action and participate. Like, guys? Maybe take a step back and let your kid socialize, since it's very apparent that this is what he is trying to do! It's good for them to talk to other kids! And work out how they're playing together without adult input! It's been driving me nuts! We're at the point where we can't even let kids who are actively playing and having a good time do so without interference? Guys. Step back, sit on a bench, enjoy your coffee. Isn't it a million times more rewarding for both you and your child if you sit back and watch them having a wonderful time with another child?

Anyways, that's what I've been thinking about lately. Does everyone have a Halloween costume yet? I love children in costumes, there's just nothing sweeter! And bonus points if they pick something not TV related, you know? But either way, it's so cute. I'll never get used to the fact that kids in NYC go trick-or-treating in bars and shops and bodegas as opposed to knocking on doors, but I do find it supremely charming. I'll be hunkering down and staying away from the crazies, as much as I can! I'm such a grump when it comes to Halloween, the energy is just too much for me. The last few years when I've needed a last minute costume I've just thrown on the old Joan Crawford face and it's worked well enough!

I guess today's post is a bit more newsletter-like, and maybe it'll be that way for a while as I sort out my schedule. At least I can pop over and say hi and maybe give ya some links! Have a good one!

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