Crib Safety

Hi! You'll notice I didn't get my Monday post up, but I promise I have a good reason! I got all my new Glossier in the mail last night, and want to be able to properly review them all for you and didn't want to rush it. So this coming Monday it'll be up for you! Also, I had terrible nightmares on Sunday night that kept me in a zombie state all day Monday and truly unable to be productive. I actually can't watch scary movies. I know it's wimpy but they affect me on a profound level. I was up pondering all the possible scenarios of how I could be abducted, tortured, killed, taken by aliens, etc. etc. until 3am. I just can't do it!

I hope you had a good weekend and that this week is going by well so far. Other than being ridiculously tired I am doing well, I think! Theo's work schedule these last couple of weeks have been especially grueling and I've been trying to stay up past midnight so I can see him for a few minutes before I pass out, leading to some sleepy mornings. And I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I don't drink caffeine, so I can't really do anything about being tired. I get really terrible heart palpitations when I have caffeine, along with nausea and anxiety, so I just avoid it altogether. People always seem to find it incredible that I don't drink coffee, but honestly it's kind of a non-issue for me since I've never been addicted to it. I am really protective of my sleep -- it's obviously imperative that I get enough of it, and I can be really crabby in the mornings, but other than that it's not too much of an impediment.

On to today's post! I was doing my usual Facebook troll over the weekend when I came across an acquaintance's post about a friend of hers that had recently lost a baby to SIDS and wished more people knew about crib safety. It was so heartbreaking, I can't imagine the horror of losing a baby, and so I want to talk about ways to keep your baby safe while he or she sleeps. I usually avoid these kinds of topics because:

A. I don't like to fear-monger. I think that all too often panic is instilled in new parents about what is the right and wrong thing to do, with harsh judgement followed if you don't do things exactly as people say you're supposed to. Not to mention that most of it is a marketing ploy telling you what your baby HAS to have. Parenting, as with all things in life, has grey areas, and I think that above all you have to do what works for you and your baby. And,

B. I often think that posts like this are redundant; that it's elemental information covered in all basic baby books and by pediatricians, and that everyone knows it by now. But then a tragedy such as this happens and it's clear that no, not everyone knows and it's still worth bringing up.

So here are some guidelines for your baby's crib that will help keep them safe!

1. No bumpers in their cribs. This is something I thought was common knowledge, but then I came across another baby blog where a mom was talking about how she thought they were cute and had them in her crib. Bumpers are like long pillows that line the length of your baby's crib supposedly so they don't bump their heads on the bars and for decorations. These are a huge suffocation hazard and should actually NEVER be in your baby's crib, even if they're over a year old. Avoid bumpers at all costs.

2. No blankets until they are 12 months old. Also a suffocation hazard, your baby should sleep in a sleep sack if you feel they are cold, or layer them up with a onesie under their jammies. It's not worth the risk of them pulling the blanket up over their faces, or getting tangled in it. This is definitely one of those "grey area" rules, I mean, if you guys are cuddling and your baby falls asleep next to you and you're right there and watching and you pull a blankie over yourself and baby, she'll probably be fine. You just have to use your discretion. I highly recommend not having blankets in the crib when unsupervised. Again, not worth the risk.

3. No toys in the crib until 12 months. I know it can be tempting to want to stuff that crib full of beautiful stuffed animals to keep your baby company, but it's not worth the suffocation risk either. If you want to take a cute Insta of them snuggling their teddy bear, take the pic and then remove the toy. Bare is best!

4. Lay your infant on his or her back when they go to sleep. When the APA started recommending this the rate of SIDS dropped 50%.

5. Make sure there are no gaps larger than 2 fingers between the sides of the crib and mattress. Little fingers could easily get caught, or they could roll into it and get stuck in a position that could cause suffocation, blood loss, or more.

6. Never put the crib close to a window with blinds, curtain cords, or baby monitor cords. Babies could easily strangle with them, and I promise you if your baby sees a cord, he will go for it. Have I mentioned that I kind of hate baby monitors in general? Unless you live in fuckin Downton Abbey, I promise you will hear your child cry when he wakes up. And if you take a bit to hear him I promise you he will be fine if he has to chill in there for a while. If anything it'll teach him patience. There's nothing creepier than spying on a baby. And since all those news stories went around about people hacking into baby monitors and scaring them, it's made me hate them even more. But I digress.

My intention with this post is not to freak anyone out, but to provide a quick refresher for anyone who needed it or who hadn't come across these suggestions. It's just not worth the risk to not talk about it! That said, don't be annoying and email this to a new mom. Be cool.