For You and Me


Man, oh man, you guys. I am LOSING it. I just realized I never posted my Wednesday post until literally right this second which is why I just threw it up in a panic. So there it is. I could have sworn that I posted it. Like, in my mind I even remembered Theo telling me it was good. Losing itttttttt. Anyways. Hope all is well and you are well and your weekend will be delightful. Forcing myself to do my DIY on Saturday, and hoping that this tickle in my throat doesn't turn into a full-fledged cold.

If you didn't know already, Call the Midwife is back in like two weeks so if you haven't watched it yet, do yourself a goddamn favor and start now. It's the most delightful show. I love nuns and I love babies and I love 50's fashions so it's right up my alley. Everyone on the East Coast seems to hate nuns, which is a bummer, y'all need to be introduced to the wonders of the California nun. I'm not religious but I will always have a special place in my heart for them.

I'm going to try very hard not to rearrange all the furniture in my house while Theo is at work, but I have been feeling the itch and really want to move some stuff around. I like to mix it up every once in a while. Keep things fresh. A few weeks ago I decided on a whim to turn the bed to face an opposite wall and got as far as pulling the bed away from the wall, seeing what a disaster it was under the bed, and pushing it right back where it belongs. I think when I do my spring clothes transition and have gotten the under the bed boxes out of the way I'll try harder to do some redecorating.

Anyhoo! Here are some links for your weekend and a little ditty for your heart. xo

I'll be watching this all weekend.

Peak bloom.

The psycho within.

One of my favorite things to spiral into a freak-out about is whether my uterus will one day fall out of my vagina.

Bookmarked forever, read on repeat, via Joanna.

An elevated pin.

The secrets of skin picking.

Wear this there.

Love all of Rooney Mara's looks, will be stealing.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Top Shelf.

This soup is calling my name.

I wish I was wearing this RIGHT NOW.

Women in politics.

Theo cannot get over how much hair this baby has. I'm like, bro, wait til we have a half-Mexican baby. This isn't a surprising amount of hair to POC.