Diaper Bag Roundup

Hello, there! How's everyone doing? I actually had to bust out the sunscreen today, which pleases me to no end. Though of course now I'll be obsessively looking for shade and slathering myself in SPF for the next few months. And with the sun comes the mosquitos. You guys, I'm not kidding when I say that I'm going to be patient zero when Zika comes to New York. Mosquitos attack me brutally no matter how many precautions I take. Every summer I look like a smallpox victim, it's absolutely foul. And did you read that this week the CDC linked Zika to neurological damage in adults?!? I can't even deal with it. It's gonna be me, just you watch.

Anyways, the burst of sunshine has me in a shopping mood, though I've instituted a no-shopping policy on myself for the next couple of weeks. But I figure I'd share my shopping itch with you guys and give you a little roundup of my favorite diaper bags. You know there's nothing I hate more than hideous shit, so here's some lovely bags that look like a bag that a normal adult would use. Why is it that just because the bag has to hold baby items that it has to be absolutely hideous? Being a parent doesn't automatically give you bad taste! Ugh, it drives me bananas! Also, hello, they should be gender-neutral because dads should be carrying these bags around just as much as moms do. Don't even get me started.

These are my favorite backpack options. I love a backpack as a diaper bag because everything is easily accessible, it's gender-neutral, and your hands are free whether your baby is in a carrier or in a stroller. Sometimes I feel a bit silly with a baby hanging on my front and a backpack hanging on my back, but it's truly the easiest way to get around, in my opinion!

1. Storq Carryall

I love that it's water resistant, comes in black, has easy to open front pockets, and is roomy but has a slim profile. I also love that Storq makes a point of calling it a "Carryall" as opposed to a diaper bag, because it has your stuff in it too!

2. Fjallraven

Fjallraven Kanken backpacks are awesome because they're super durable, a totally manageable size, and come in a ton of different colors to pick from. There's also different sizes depending on what works for you and they're pretty affordable. I have a Mini version of the ice blue Kanken backpack and I love it. My little Lamb has a rust colored one that proudly contains her spare undies now that she's potty-trained.

3. Everlane Modern Zip Backpack

I've got a different backpack from Everlane, but I kinda regret not getting this one instead. Nicely minimal, low profile, easy access to pockets, and even has a flap for your computer. I love the side pockets, you can slip a water bottle, your phone, or a banana in there!

Here's a secret about diaper bags: they're just regular bags. You don't need to have a giant, hideous diaper bag to store all your baby's shit. Get a regular bag and run with it! Ok, I'll include one diaper bag, but the rest are just bags that would work perfectly well.

1. Hatch Anti-Diaper Bag

Definitely the priciest of the bunch, but I appreciate that it comes in a solid, non-offensive color, and can be worn cross body with a removable strap or on the shoulder. It also comes with several inserts and a changing pad, which also ups the value, in my opinion. Luckily, that tassel is sold separately.

2. Zara Reversible Tote


You guys, look at this completely normal bag for humans. It is roomy enough to store everything you might need, comes with a little pouch for extra stuff, is sturdy enough that it won't tip over if you set it down, and it's completely affordable.

3. Food 52 Two-Tone Rain Tote

I've been pining over this tote bag for weeks now, baby or no! I love the cute design and the slim profile. Would definitely work better for parents who like to travel light, though they have a roomier option here if you like the design but need a bit more space for your stuff!

Remember that just because the bag contains stuff for your baby that it doesn't have to look like it belongs to a child too! I can't stand the infantilization of mothers! Your bags should be functional and also to your taste.