Mini break!

Hi there!  I'm up bright and early on a Friday  because I'm so excited I can't sleep! Also I'm ever so slightly hungover. We have some exciting things happening in our household this week that I can finally tell you about. Theo's latest Broadway show opened last night! He's in American Psycho the Musical, and I couldn't be more thrilled. It's been quite a journey getting to this day, and I can't believe we are here. I'm so proud and so happy. If you're in the New York area any time soon you need to get yourselves some tickets for this incredible show. Last night was my third time seeing it and it was so fun!

As I'm sure you can also imagine, I was positively thrilled to be getting all dressed up and pampered for the red carpet. The wonderful ladies at Joli Beauty Bar took me under their wing and made me look like the baby goth/Russian doll of my dreams. I'll have a full rundown of the look next week. 

And to make matters more exciting, today I'll be hopping on a plane and joining my family in sunny Mexico for my cousin's wedding. So let's just say my gram is gonna be LIT for the next few days. Throw me a follow so you can see what's going down.  

I'll be back next Wednesday with details and hopefully sunburn and Zika virus free!