Smell Ya Later

Hey there! Sorry for the lack of Friday links! I wasn't feeling so hot and decided to relax with my little Lamb while she took her nap instead of working on my post, which is what I usually do. But I'm here now and hopefully will be able to write somewhat coherently despite the fact that I'm sitting here wrapped in twenty blankets because I'm FREEZING IN THE MIDDLE OF MAY. As my friend Jenn would say, this weather is abusive.

Did you guys see that Glossier released three new flavors of lip balm? I obviously already have the original Balm Dot Com and the Coconut Balm ( which is disappearing at a tragic rate now that Theo has discovered it.) But I'm super jazzed to try the new Cherry, Rose, and Mint flavors. They're doing a special giveaway with Morgenstern's, which is an ice cream parlor on the Lower East Side that's pretty close to where I live. They partnered with Glossier to create new limited edition Glossier flavored push pops and you get a free lip balm with each purchase of a push pop. You better believe I got my ass over there last week and got a rose flavored push pop and my lip balm. I love it! I have always loved rose scented lip stuff, and this has the thick and rich consistency of the original Balm Dot Com that I love, but now has a lovely rose scent. Most other rose balms that I've tried are too thin and don't last as long. But this one is great. I'm def going back this week to try the cherry. I'm pretty sure the promotion lasts all month so get yourselves to Morgenstern's if you have a chance.

In other news, when I was coming back from Mexico you'll be horrified to know that airport security seized my deodorant and threw it away because it was too big. I really thought you could bring 4 oz. of liquid on the plane, I mean I had no problem on the way there. But they made a real stink about it and told me that it was 3 oz. Whatever. Which meant I had to hightail it to the store as soon as I got back to get a replacement once I landed. I don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but I made the switch to natural deodorant last year after much hemming and hawing about it. And I'm really glad I did. Look, we don't know for certain what the links between antiperspirant and cancer or other health problems are, but what I can tell you, just from looking at the ingredients, is that all the stuff that is in deodorant is not necessarily to our body's benefit. Antiperspirant literally clogs our pores to keep us from sweating and stinking. In any other beauty situation, we want things that are non-comedogenic, why should our deodorant be any different? Erin has some great thoughts on it as well.

I have always had a big fear of being smelly; it probably has something to do with a girl in my kindergarten class telling me I always smelled like peanut butter, or the fact that come junior high when we all started being stinky that I was terrified that a boy might realize that I smelled like a human person. Luckily, I've since let go of this, and that's helped me not give any fucks while testing out some of these deodorants. Many of which did not work for me. The craziest turn of events for me while testing these was the realization that I had a baking soda sensitivity. A couple weeks after using any of the deodorants with baking soda my armpits became insanely red and irritated, and when I tried to push through the skin started turning black and peeled off! It was horrifying, but also hilarious and weird. It was mildly satisfying to shave my armpits and have a ton of dead skin come off too. But, in case you haven't realized it yet, I'm a disgusting monster. So, not only did I have the challenge of finding a natural deodorant that actually worked for me, I had to narrow the field to baking soda-free ones as well. Luckily, the winner was highly successful for me and there's no turning back now.

Image via  Meow Meow Tweet .

Image via Meow Meow Tweet.

Meow Meow Tweet's Baking Soda-Free Deodorant Cream was a total lifesaver. It has all the power of their regular deodorant cream, minus the sodium bicarbonate that causes my armpits to slither off my body. And this shit actually works. It smells fresh and clean, lasts through a whole day of activities, and is relatively affordable compared to a lot of other fancy natural deodorants out there. I always order a two-pack to save on shipping. 

Image via  EO Products .

Image via EO Products.

Of course, I always run out of said deodorant and slack off on ordering a new one, so I always have my trusty EO Lavender Deodorant Spray on hand. This is the one that got taken from me at the airport. It is shockingly effective for basically just being lavender oil and alcohol. I don't find that it dries out my skin at all, though other people might find that it stings, especially after shaving. Theo thinks it stings a bit, but it works really well for him, actually. I find that this is enough for me to use alone in the winter time when I'm not sweating too bad. In the summertime though, I definitely need to use the MMT. Sometimes though I'll use the MMT and halfway through the day if I'm gonna work out (LOL) or know I'll be sweating I'll give myself a spritz with the EO to give me a little extra boost. I also spray it directly on my clothes when I need a little refresher.

Image via  Schmidt's .

Image via Schmidt's.

Now, even though I can't use it because it has baking soda, I do want to draw your attention to Schmidt's Lavender and Sage Cream deodorant. It is hands down the most effective natural deodorant that I've ever tried and if you don't have sensitive skin you should definitely be using it. It's just as effective as an antiperspirant, and the lavender and sage scent in particular is super effective. You can get it at any natural food store or online. They have it in stick form as well as a cream, but I prefer the cream because there's no plastic.

Image via  Captain Blankenship .

Honorable Mention goes to Captain Blankenship's Lime and Vetiver Deodorant Cream, love the smell, but it's full of baking soda. Womp womp to me. I love that it's a bigger jar than you usually get with a deodorant cream, and it has a great consistency that feels a bit less wet than most deodorant creams.

When making the switch from regular antiperspirant and deodorant to a natural deodorant, you have to give it time and be patient. Your body will take a couple weeks to push out all the gunk from what you've been using out of your pores, and it's gonna be a bit funky. You also have to get used to knowing what you naturally smell like again, and I think after a while you'll be surprised that it's not actually that bad. I feel like when I smelled bad with regular deodorant it was way worse than it is now. Another thing that may be slightly jarring is getting used to using your fingers to put cream on your armpits. It's not like we are really used to touching our pits all that often, so it can be kinda squeamish at first. This won't last long. And some natural deodorants come with a little applicator to help you scoop it out of the container. I got a teeny tiny little spoon that I use to scoop it out of the jar so I don't get it under my nails every time. The last thing to remember is that there will be a trial-and-error portion here that can be really frustrating and could push you back to regular deodorant. Everyone's body chemistry is different and responds differently to new products. Give yourself AT LEAST two weeks before you determine if it's the right one for you, even longer if you just made the switch. I promise no one will freak if you smell ever so slightly while you figure it out. It's so worth it once you do! And I love supporting awesome, small companies like Meow Meow Tweet and Captain Blankenship, they're really cool, woman-led businesses that are changing the beauty game and committed to small batch, natural products. What more could we want!?

Have you made the switch to natural deodorant yet? I need to know what you think and what you're fave is. I feel like anyone who has is a total ride-or-die for their favorites.