Summer Hair Inspo

Hi! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. My old sack of bones is exhausted from all the traipsing around I did. My BFF was in town so we were wandering around the entire city all weekend. The funny thing about getting older is having these moments of realizing my stamina just isn't anywhere near what it used to be. Three years ago having someone visit me meant running up and down NYC all day long and then staying out til 4am carousing with the ne'er-do-wells. These days I'm like, well I walked around a bit and ate fried food twice in a row so now I need to lie down for 3 days to recover while only eating chicken broth. I'm dreaming of the plain lentils I'm gonna make myself for dinner tonight. Or so I say now. My  girlfriends are coming over for the premiere of The Bachelorette and my friend Christy is queen of the Bagel Bites. I haven't actually asked her to specifically bring Bagel Bites tonight, but I'm hoping she will read this and "surprise" me. 

I mentioned on Friday that I'm having hair-related meltdowns these days. I vacillate wildly between feeling the urge to shave my head again and keep it short, and desperately wanting to have a long hair cape. It's been years since it's been long so I'm dying to have it past my shoulders as soon as possible. Especially since I have weddings to attend in the fall months. I am trying to stick to the process of letting it grow, but it's so damn hard and frustrating. First of all, I am perfectly aware that I should get a trim so that the hair that grows out is healthy, but I don't trust myself or really a stylist who won't cut it too short or add in layers that will take body or length out of it. To this end, I'm steering away from getting it cut until September until it has reached max growth possible. I figure I'll need to trim my bangs a bit, because they're not exactly coming in evenly, but I do want them to get longer as well.

I feel like I'm very close to being at this situation, my bangs just need a few more weeks.

I feel like I'm very close to being at this situation, my bangs just need a few more weeks.

I basically already have the haircut above, though I really need to get my bangs re-shaped so they fall like that as they grow.

My general trajectory will be of keeping as much length as possible, while also trying to keep my hair healthy, which is difficult in the summer with all the sun and heat. I'm trying to stay on top of taking my Biotin supplements and making sure I use heat protectant every time I dry and style my hair. It feels kind of fried right now because I've been using the flat iron to curl it. It looks great, but it's murder on your hair.

This seems like the next logical step, long bangs and a lob, I really like the 70's vibe to the bangs since they are sloping on the sides. They're long enough to braid or pin back when the humidity makes me look like a lion. I am hoping it'll be around this area come July. Though it better be at my shoulders by then or I'll have a serious freak out.

Ever since I saw the above picture of Leighton Meester, I've been itching to color my hair lighter for the summer. I love how ashy and light blonde the highlights are, it's really hard for my hair to get that pale though, even though I know it's possible since the blonde I put in last fall looked really good for a long time. It's pretty much gone now, and what's left is a bit orange, but IDGAF. My qualms about dying my hair during the summer are these: 1. I am enjoying my natural hair color and rocking my greys right now. I think it's a pretty shade of brown and my grey hair makes me feel wise. 2. I don't want to risk damaging my hair in any way that will hinder hair growth. Bleaching definitely causes hair to break off, and to get my hair that pale I'd have to use A LOT of bleach. I'd obviously take really good care of it and such, but is it really worth the risk? The priority right now is definitely to get the hair grown. Also, like, LOL, as if I have 300 bucks to throw down on getting my hair dyed. Should I start a Kickstarter for it?

I am hoping that by the fall that my hair will look like this after I get it cut. I love Freya's 70s vibe, and I'm really hoping my hair is long and thick enough to cut a few shaggy layers into and not look like a mom in the 90's desperately trying to pull of the Rachel. It's also relatively close to my natural color so hopefully that will keep me on track in regards to not dying it.

If you are planning on growing out your hair or just itching for a new look, I HIGHLY recommend making a Pinterest board dedicated to it and letting yourself go down the wormhole of options. I like that I can go back to my board and look through for ideas, and it's nice to have it all in one place. Also, if you're not bringing in pictures to your hairstylist EVERY single time you get a haircut, then you be trippin'. It doesn't matter how descriptive your language is, or if you "don't care" what they do, there is absolutely no way for your stylist to come even close to the vicinity of what you want without pictures. Anyhoo, wish me luck on staying strong!