Brush-a, Brush-a, Brush-a

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely and restful weekend. I'm back in the swing of things and am eternally grateful that the heat has gone down a bit. The humidity last week was seriously oppressive, which I'm sure I mentioned before. The only thing I loveeeeee about humidity is how awesome my skin looks all the time. My hair is another story altogether -- it's maybe never looked worse. But I'm rolling with it for now. I'm embracing the double bun look, even if I feel slightly like an overgrown baby.

But back to my skin. These days I'm like a shimmery, sweaty, lil angel and am going makeup-free most days, which is always a joy. I usually go makeup-free when I babysit, but I've even been enjoying my bare skin on the weekends as well with just a swipe of mascara and a liberal amount of sunscreen. If I hadn't just broken my last remaining highlighter, then I'd be adding to my sheen with some of that as well. If you can't look like a melty, glimmering goddess in the summer, than when can you?

So imagine my surprise a few days back when I went back to my old makeup routine and promptly broke out on my cheeks. WTF was happening? It wasn't fair. And then I came upon the horrifying realization that I hadn't cleaned my makeup brushes in weeks, which is why upon immediate contact with my skin, it freaked out. I don't like admitting to this kind of tomfoolery, you guys, but I am doing so to remind you to clean your brushes. Don't be like me and suffer the consequences. Iknow it's a huge pain in the ass to clean them. I usually force myself to do it at least once a month, though in reality you should really be cleaning them once a week. That just seems like a lot to ask of me at the moment. Maybe one day when I have my shit together more I'll clean them every week. But not now.

If you haven't cleaned your brushes recently, or (gasp) ever, here are some tips to make it easy and painless for you.

You don't need to get a fancy brush cleaning mat or contraption to clean them. If you do have one, or want to splurge, then great! They seem really awesome and I've heard great things about them. But to me it's just like, another thing I have to clean and find a spot for in my house. My preferred method of cleaning is to squirt some gentle organic soap, like Dr. Bronner's soap or a mild shampoo into a cup, fill with warm water and let me brushes soak for about 3 minutes. Then I take a wet wash cloth and put it in the sink, and while also allowing water to run over the brush, I rub the brush in circles on the washcloth to get the dirt and makeup that's deep down in the bristles. Once the water is running clear down the drain and isn't depositing color onto the washcloth, I lay it flat on a towel to air dry. DO NOT dry the brushes standing up, as the water will drip down into the handle and could cause mold or other ickiness. 

You can get special brush cleanser to get them clean, I used to use the MAC cleanser all the time and loved it, but you really don't need it if you don't have it.

It won't take you longer than ten minutes to do it and with this heat, if you do it in the evening they'll be dry and ready to go by morning. You'll be so glad you did it. I don't even want to think about all the bacteria and junk that was lingering on mine!