Signature Scents

These days, NYC's signature scent is that delightful mix of hot garbage, piss, and that completely putrid yet unidentifiable smell that wafts around street corners and assaults your senses at every turn. If you've ever spent a summer in New York, you know what I mean. I think the combination of oppressive heat and random city smells is what makes so many people opt for lighter, cleaner fragrances during the summer months, which is what we are talking about today! I personally have always kept my fragrance choices very limited. Mainly because perfume is expensive, but also because I've always really been into the concept of having a "signature scent," which is a pretty commonly held belief, I think. My earliest scent memories are of my grandmother's Chanel No. 5 and my mom's Dior perfume that she'd wear when she was going out to a party or a fancy dinner. I'd sneak a spritz here and there and feel supremely elegant. Scents are so powerful! I love the idea that someone associates a certain smell with you. There's something so romantic and comforting about it. Every night when I get in bed I put lavender oil on my wrists, and I like the idea of knowing that one day my future kids will associate that smell with me at bedtime.

When it comes to perfumes, I stick to one or two faves that I've had in rotation for years. Some since I was a teenager! The only weird thing about me (okay, one of the weird things about me) is that I tend to do the opposite of fragrance trends. Meaning, in the summer time I want heavy, sexy florals like jasmine, gardenia, combined with woody, earthy scents and in the winter I go for very light, clean scents that are reminiscent of soap and baby powder. I like the crispness of it in the winter. That said, I really, really want to expand my perfume repertoire in the coming months/years. I want to start investing in higher end versions of the scents I love, and to that end I even made a new Pinterest board! It's a mix of what I've got and what I want. These days, what "signature scent" means to me is less about it being one specific perfume, and more about being a fragrance profile, if you will -- which is why I'm so eager to expand my collection.

My every day, go to scent in the summertime is Lust by Lush. I love how heavy and floral is, and it reminds me of the jasmine that blooms in LA. I've had it in both solid and spray form, and while the spray bottle lasts longer, it does stain, which is such a bummer. You basically have to apply it while nude and then wait for it to dry, which is very inconvenient. So I've been using the solid version and love it. I rub it on my wrists and under my ears as well as under my hair. When I had an undercut I would rub it into my hair and loved it. If you don't mind a bit of oil, you can also rub it into the ends of your hair.

I'm hoping to one day upgrade this guy to Lys 41 by Le Labo, which is basically the high end version of this perfume. Similar floral scents, but with woody undertones. I am obsessed with it and would do pretty much anything to have even a tiny roll on bottle. It is so cost-prohibitive though, I've never been able to justify it. Also dying to try their Jasmine 17 body oil, can you imagine how luxurious that must be? Why is the world holding me back from being the fancy rich pre-revolution French lady that I was clearly meant to be?

I've also been gravitating to rose-based scents like crazy this year. I used to hate it and actively avoid it, to the point where when I was living in Morocco and we went to the most stunning rose garden I've ever seen, I skipped the gift shops and didn't get myself any fragrances or oils like everyone else was. I could kick myself. My go to rose scent right now is actually an olive oil body balm by 80 Acres called Bohemian Rose. It's so rich and smells like actual heaven. I always get compliments when I'm wearing it. I use it on my hands and then always rub some into my neck as well.

My upgrade version of this is the Rose Atlantic perfume that I finally got a whiff of this past weekend when I popped into Catbird to pick up my sleep mask. It will surprise no one to hear that I refuse to put up curtains in my apartment, therefore a sleep mask is mandatory unless you want to wake up at 5am with the beaming hot sun. Anyhoo, the Rose Atlantic perfume is the perfect blend of rose and bergamot, another favorite scent of mine. I'm so glad they let me try it on because my MEGA-UPGRADE version of this is the classic Rodin LLC perfume that I am obsessed with and will do literally anything to get my filthy little paws on my own bottle. In my mind, this is the end all and be all of perfumes. And a few months back they put a little sign up at Catbird asking that you please not sample it, most likely because I (and others I am sure) would go in there and just spritz themselves and walk out. If there is anything more heavenly than this jasmine and neroli heavy fragrance then I don't want to know about it.

Before I wrote this I was like, wait a minute, should I be sharing my perfume secrets? I literally just read an article that was like, DO NOT EVER TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOUR PERFUME IS. But here I am, unable to keep my mouth shut. I want to share the love. Also, it's not like most people are gonna run out and get them, though if you do, please credit me. Also, make sure you give these brands a try, you could find something more to your liking in their fragrance lines that aren't necessarily these. I tend to gravitate towards heavier scents anyways that lots of people find to be too overwhelming. Also, anyone have any connections at Byredo? I've never tried any of their scents and am absolutely dying to. They're the new It fragrance brand, and I know there's something there that I'll be absolutely in love with. What are your signature scents? Tell me!