For You and Me

Happy Friday, yet again! Just in time for this so-called "heat dome" to take over the city. I'm hoping it's a good excuse to drink some pina coladas and go see Ghostbusters. If I could do these things at the same time that would be the best case scenario. I have loved pina coladas since I was a child and my love has never waned in all these years. They are the perfect summer drink! (Yes, they were non-alcoholic when I was a child.) Hmmm, what are the chances that I'll get home from work tonight and there will magically be a bottle of pina colada mix and some malibu rum in my apartment? If only there were magical alcoholic apartment fairies, or like, a boyfriend who could do that.

I've had to do a bit of a social media cleanse this week with the RNC going on. I'm picking up some bits and pieces of info as I go, but I'm just in a place where I need to protect my heart from the frightening reality of the hateful platform that the GOP is officially operating on. I did enjoy some good Melania memes, though. I'm keeping it a bit lighter in the links section in terms of political stuff this week, a lady can only take so much. I wish for us all to bask in the peace of a gentle, love-filled light and to have unlimited access to a cheese fountain.

I hope you have a great weekend! Stay out of the heat! Drink a pina colada! Here are some links for your eyeballs and a little ditty for your heart:

I love witches.

Satellite babies.

Makes my heart hurt.

Astrophysicist, Wine Lover, and Foodie.

An embarrassment of pandas.

I need to make these ASAP. Erin is a genius!

I need an off-the-shoulder minidress IMMEDIATELY IT IS AN EMERGENCY.

How to deal with unsolicited parenting advice. (Mine isn't unsolicited because you come here of your own volition...right?)

This bookshelf would be perfect for my tiny lil home.

Dream home.

Mud for your pregnancy skin.

Not to be a dick...but here are Nordstrom's best beauty deals from their anniversary sale.

All my fave things in a pasta!

My favorite two Instagram accounts to rabbit-hole down when I can't sleep: Juniper and paint mixing.

Hoping to pop in here this weekend.