Re-Calibrating My Self-Care Routine

As I've mentioned before, my love of beauty is rooted in my belief in the importance of self-care. Do I love how pretty my nails look when I get a manicure? Yes, of course, duh, I'm a Libra and aesthetics are important to me. But the best part is that I get an hour all to myself, where I'm not pushing around a stroller, or answering emails on my phone, and I don't have a baby or a dog's hot, sweaty body pressed up against mine at all times. It's the same any time I take a moment to do something for myself, like masking, or getting my eyebrows and 'stache threaded (as much as it hurts!) It's a chance to exhale and briefly escape from the daily grind. For the most part, staying on top of my self-care routine is a priority and I am able to successfully incorporate it into my daily and weekly routines. But as with all things, it's easy to slip off it and get in a rut.

I'm super lucky that I get sent lots of products to test and write about for this blog as well as the various other sites I freelance for. You'd think with a relatively constant influx of beauty products that need to be tested and reviewed that I'd constantly be working on my beauty and taking care of myself, but to be honest, a lot of the time it just feels like work. So even though for the past few weeks I've been (thankfully) very busy working on lots of great projects and trying out awesome products, (which explains my absence here) I haven't exactly been taking care of myself, and it's shown in my anxiety levels and moods. A lot of it has to do with the time of year. August is gross; it's hot and humid, it's depressing because it's the end of summer, and I'm starting to feel all the impending weight of the end of the year beginning to bear down on me. I have been in serious need of a reboot.

First things first, I caved and got an air conditioner this weekend, which if you know me is almost unimaginable. I've always been highly resistant to air conditioners, firstly because I am sensitive to the dry air and to the cold, which sounds ridiculous but what can I do, I am who I am. Secondly, it kills me to know how bad air conditioners are for the environment. Even the so-called energy saving ones are such a drain, not to mention the flow of horrible shit it's expelling out into the air. It gives me the shivers just to think about. A lot of my anxiety is based in how we are harming the environment, and not having an AC has really helped me feel like I'm doing my part in staving off the inevitable apocalypse and calm those fears a bit. (In addition to a whole bunch of other hippie shit I partake in to assuage my guilt.) That said, the last few weeks have really taken a toll on me physically and emotionally. I'm fairly certain that I've had heat exhaustion with basically no relief. When I'm hot and melting and in a bad mood, I'm certainly not bothering to take care of my appearance in the slightest. And if I think I look like hot garbage, I'm most likely also feeling like hot garbage.

I've had the first good night's sleep in weeks since we got the AC on Sunday, and today I woke up feeling more like myself and less like a swamp demon from hell. I had a little (large) splurge at Glossier, and I can't wait to slap those masks on my face and finally try their Gen G lipstick, which I ordered it in Jam. I am in serious need of some exfoliation before I hit the beach on Thursday, and now that I can finally take a hot shower again I'm ready to scrub my skin til I'm as soft as a baby.

I highly encourage everyone to work on their self-care routines. For some people it includes working out, or meditating, or staying on top of flossing! It's easy to let the grind start to wear you down and not realize that you're slipping when it comes to taking care of your basic needs. And yes, I think self-care is part of our basic needs. Sometimes you just need to re-evaluate, try to figure out what's making you feel out of sorts, and try to make gentle, slight adjustments to bring yourself back to an even keel. It doesn't have to be some radical thing!

If you're needing a bit of a splurge to re-calibrate, click this link for 20% off at Glossier, those masks are perfect for taking a bit of time for yourself. I'd love to hear your tips and tricks for taking care of yourself when you're starting to feel a bit out of whack! And when all else fails, swipe on some lipsticks and get thee to a giant, cold tiki cocktail!