How is it Monday already? I need so many more sleeps! It's just never enough, am I right? I went out of town with my girlfriends this weekend and as always it was wonderful to get out of the city. The traffic on the way out there was brutal though, I'm definitely not used to being in cars anymore! Why do they go so fast? You'll be happy to know that despite being the most nauseous and carsick person on the planet I did not barf during our journey.

Speaking of being nauseous, if you know me you might be surprised to see the title of today's post as I am a vehement opponent of milk. No, I'm not vegan; cheese courses through my veins and I would bathe in milkshakes if I could. I just hate the taste and consistency and smell of regular, plain milk. I truly don't understand why anyone over the age of 16 drinks it, it actually horrifies me. Take a calcium pill and get a grip! Even as a child I'd have to put tons of chocolate in my milk to get it down, and, you guys? I don't really even like chocolate. It was just the only thing that made it palatable. When adults drink milk for pleasure, it truly boggles my mind. When I lived with my sister in Los Angeles, I came home from work one evening to find her and Theo sitting on the couch quietly watching TV and drinking milk in near total darkness. It was like walking in on a horror film, I'm sorry I didn't include a trigger warning just then.

So, it's funny that the new, trendy, supposedly cool girl makeup is a brand called Milk Makeup and I think that I love it. You can get it at Sephora, Urban Outfitters and very soon it'll be available at Birchbox as well. They're going down a similar marketing route that Glossier did, harnessing the power of social media and the appeal of the cool girl to get their products out to the masses. They're all about being "high concept, low maintenance." I was skeptical at first that it would be a low quality product, but I must admit to being pleasantly surprised! Not only are their products manufactured in an eco-friendly facility, but they're also cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, and made of high quality oils and natural ingredients.

I've yet to actually purchase any Milk products, but they've become my go-to makeup when I stop into Sephora to freshen up before going out after work. What? Everyone does it. I have to try stuff before I buy it! I am especially impressed with their highlighters, because I really thought they would be too oily and over the top for me. But I liked them so much that I even took a picture of their Holographic Stick next to their Highlighter on my arm so that you could see what they look like. I'm super into how highly pigmented the Holographic stick, it's so fun! And the lavender tint makes it extra space-agey. I was initially worried the highlighter would be too dark for my face skin, but it actually blends really beautifully and is the perfect subtle glow. I usually lean towards pearly highlighters, but the Milk highlighter made me look super dewy in a perfectly natural way. I was very pleased!

Left, Holographic Stick. Right, Highlighter.

Left, Holographic Stick. Right, Highlighter.

I also tried their Coverage Duo, thinking as I always do that it would do nothing for my insane under eye circles. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that not only is the actual coverage great, but the consistency of both the little marshmellow puff side and the pot side are really creamy without creasing. It was long lasting, hydrating, and blended beautifully. I will definitely be investing in this guy.

If you're interested in the brand I definitely recommend checking out their site before heading to Sephora, their concept is really interesting and I appreciate their commitment to their aesthetic. I also love the minimalist packaging. I also appreciate that they have videos of people trying their products on the site. It's just so helpful when trying to determine if they're worth buying! I'll be really interested to see where this company goes and what kind of products they roll out in the future. Would you try it out? Do you like drinking milk? Are you a monster or a child?