Littles Fall Fashions

I'll have you know that it takes just the most tremendous amount of self-control to stop myself from purchasing baby clothes for my fictional future children. I love love loveeeeeee baby clothes. There is just nothing sweeter in the world. So you'll just have to deal while I indulge myself in some of my favorite fall fashion picks for wee ones. I gravitate towards gender neutral clothes and colors in general, though I can't resist a tiny baby dress when I see one! The Hanna Andersson jumper is giving me major Heidi on the mountain vibes and I LOVE IT. I would 100% wear it in my size. I'm loving the prevalence of rust in these kids' lines, and you put a baby in stripes and I am DONE. Take advantage of these Labor Day sales that are cropping up and snag some of these adorable little outfits for your babbies, fictional or no!