For You and Me

Is there anything more unpleasant than a nasty summer cold? I am so glad it's behind me now, for the most part. I spent the entirety of yesterday laying in bed and it worked wonders. It's easy to forget how important it actually is to rest when you're sick; seems easy enough to remember logically, but in practice it's much harder. Even if you do have a day to rest it's so difficult to not turn it into a day of errands, or try to do something at night. But spending 24 hours doing absolutely nothing while laying in bed or on my couch kicked the cold out faster than all the zinc and turmeric and lemon juice in the world could have. I am reborn! Oh, has anyone seen The Night Of? It's a new procedural on HBO and thanks to my illness-induced couch laying I started it yesterday and it's so great and so stressful. Which apparently is all that TV is these days. Great and stressful.

I'm so excited that the Olympics are finally starting! As much as I loathe sports and sports culture, I am a huge fan of the Olympics and I await them excitedly every two years. I can't even decide if I love the winter games or the summer games more, they're all so great! I hope that there aren't too many infrastructure issues or safety issues that get in the way of them. It's such a shame that there is so much corruption and exploitation amid what should be a celebration of human accomplishment.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of joy and love. Don't forget to watch Simone Biles kick butt this weekend! Here's some links for your eyeballs and a little ditty for your heart.

Cosplay revenge.

Nicole Cliffe is hilarious and a national treasure and also a werewolf.

If only I lived in the country so I could really see this.

Love this kid.

I will never understand the urge to compliment someone's thinness.

Still having the same conversations, almost 40 years later.

"Do not lose hope. We found new hope. There is no hope..."

A cute cartoon about manners.

Our sad reality.

This article made me realize I had the same internalized misogyny as a child as well.

Revisiting A Love of Sentences.

I hope this is true because I am in the midst of my truest awkward hair phase.

I would like to eat this please.