Here we go

Hi! I'm back! Technically I've been back for a week, but, guys? It seriously took a while to get back in the groove. Between the jet lag and catching up on all the work I had fallen behind on, I've been an actual madwoman these past few days. Luckily, things are evening out again, for the first time since I got back I was able to fall asleep at an appropriate time last night (despite the fact that I was up late watching the debates) and woke up feeling like an almost-human.

My time in California was lovely, if a bit of a whirlwind. I'm very happy to be home though. And right in time for the best season of the year! I've been rocking my mom jeans every day and I couldn't be more pleased. The downside is that my allergies have kicked back in so it's been glasses central over here. So since makeup and contacts are out of the picture for a few days, I've been stepping up my skin game. THIS COMES AS A SURPRISE TO NO ONE. My vanity knows no bounds. But if I'm going to have puffy, red eyes and glasses the size of Jupiter sliding off my face all week, you better believe my skin is gonna be shimmering like a fucking star.

I'm now 100% devoted to the TonyMoly sheet masks that Urban Outfitters is carrying. I wrote an article last week about how Urban is a surprisingly great beauty resource, despite all their issues. And these TonyMoly sheets are just SUCH a good deal. They're significantly better than the Sephora sheet masks and much cheaper. You can get 4 for 10$, which is a steal in my opinion. I've been using them every other day for the past week or so and my skin is in really bright, glowy, and clear.

I also FINALLY got my backordered Glossier Haloscope highlighter after months of waiting. I was concerned that it'd be oily on my skin since it has coconut oil in it, but luckily my skin totally took to it and it really was as glowy as advertised. Would really have come in handy during the summertime, but oh well! I love how smooth it is and I can't feel it on my skin when it's there, which is a plus. It also blends really easily so I don't have to worry about looking streaky.

You know I'm a Glossier ride-or-die, but to be honest, I do think the majority of their products are manufactured for people with perfect skin. I can't imagine having oily skin and being able to use the Haloscope or skin tint. That said, I do think their new line of serums, The Supers, are really great. I was really skeptical about these serums, mainly because I'm like, why didn't you just make one fucking powerful serum instead of making three separate ones? That still kind of boggles my mind.

The three serums are called Super Pure, Super Glow, and Super Bounce, and each have different vitamins that help boost your skin depending on what it needs that day. This is frustrating to me because rarely do I have just one skin need a day, so I have absolutely been blending them together. Usually just two at a time, though I doubt there'd be any harm in using all three at once. At night I've been using two at a time and then putting my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate on over it, and waking up like a glowy angel baby.

All in all, I do think the serums work and have been giving my skin a really nice boost that is leaving it super soft and baby-like, even despite the fact that I've been scratching my eyeballs out and acting like a crazed tiger any time Theo comes near me with my medicated eye drops. The embarrassing selfie below is me after a couple days of using the serum and I have the Haloscope on my cheeks as well.

Color corrected for my scarf and lipstick, but left my skin alone.

Color corrected for my scarf and lipstick, but left my skin alone.

If you've never used a serum before or can't afford to get your dream serum quite yet, these are a really affordable alternative, comparatively. I would imagine that it's especially ideal for people in their early/mid twenties, who are just starting to take their next steps with taking care of their skin. But again, as I said, I've seen benefits on my craggy old 32 year-old (as of this coming Sunday, barf) and it's definitely better for my wallet than say, my dream Aesop stuff.

What do you think? Have you tried them out? I'll post a picture of the Haloscope when I get home from babysitting tonight. If you want to try out the Glossier stuff, click here for 20% off your first purchase!