For You and Me

Hope you guys all had a lovely week! I am LIVING for this cozy fall weather, and am super excited to hole up this rainy weekend. I've been listening to lots of Billie Holliday and Edith Piaf Pandora stations this week, while consuming copious amounts of Trader Joe's Fall Harvest Tea. Have you ever tried it? It's my favorite tea in the world, it's so delicious and soothing. I'm at like three or four cups a day right now. It's a seasonal flavor so I just try to get as much in me as I possibly can while TJ's is still stocking it. I buy like three boxes a week, it's absurd.

I know I've been kind of absent around here, I hope no one is upset about it (though most likely, I'm being a total narcissist and no one gives a shit.) But I've been spending basically every spare moment that I am not babysitting writing for Hello Giggles. I'm super excited about it, but it means I have pretty much not a second free in my day. I wake up early and write, go babysit, write while my Lamb naps, then I come home and write some more until my eyes feel like they're gonna bleed. Basically, it's awesome and I'm so happy to be writing for them. But it's a lot. If you're ever missing me here just wander over there! I'll do my best to keep it up here, but sometimes it may be a bit spotty. At the moment, my priorities are taking good care of my little Lamb and keeping up with my workload on HG. So far, so good!

Other than the fact that my eye allergies are killing me and I've been in glasses all week, I think it'll be a good weekend! Have fun and stay cozy, my friends! Here's some links for your eyeballs and a little ditty for your heart!

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